Gone fishing

A home based business, no staff, no rent, minimal overheads. Sound too good to be true?

Anything but.

It’s possible. It’s practical.

A recurring monthly income one can build in whatever spare time is available. No special skills – Just another of those hard sell internet scams?

Anything but.

It’s ” The sharing economy”. Or more to the point what the sharing economy should look like.

The economic model which is defined as a peer-to-peer based activity acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services that is often facilitated by a community-based on-line platform.

Nothing new.

It has already been done. Those in the know are talking about it. Debating,  twisting and turning the concept this way and then that. But there are still lots of missing pieces.

“The implications of the sharing economy — part of what has also been termed the “gig economy” — have of course been hotly debated in the news media, and the research world has been steadily weighing in with deeper analysis. One central area of argument relates to whether the sharing economy is simply bringing more wage-earning opportunities to more people, or whether its net effect is the displacement of traditionally secure jobs and the creation of a land of part-time, low-paid work. It’s a debate that continues to develop and play out, forcing reporters to weigh competing claims that vary in tone from boosterism to warnings of the new economy’s dark side.”

A debate that is as open ended as it is pointless. Same old, same old. Just a different guise.  Sharing in name only. The missing bit is recognition of the need for an alternative. An different approach, an alternative attitude, a different result.

A need to go back to basics and to develop the internet as a virtual information resource. A communication tool that encourages more and more people to question, to explore and open doors to new opportunities.


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  1. Whatever happened to the concept of the invisible hand as the unseen force moving the free market economy. The belief that individual self-interest, freedom of production and consumption serves the best interest of society, as a whole.

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