Managed to muddle my through setting up a site on Infinity Free. Got there eventually with a bit of help from their Discussion Forum and comprehensive Knowledge Base.

I intially tried setting up WordPress by ftp’ing I generally use but it wouldn’t unzip. Suspect it was too large. So I set up using Softaculous. It was a first time. Worked no problem.

Next was installing an SSL Certificate which took a bit of time. First you need to get the certificate. Not something I really understand but these can be obtained for free after being issed by a site like Lets Encrypt.

However Infinity Free require clients using their free hosting to make use of the installation tool they provide. This is because Lets Encrypt use HTTP and DNS TXT validation systems which do not work with the free hosting service. There is a link to the tool in the tutorial in their Knowledge Base.

Once you apply for the certificate you are presented with a screen giving you the details needed to add CNAME records through your Cpanel. This is done under Advanced in the Cpanel Dashboard where you add two records by filling in the record name and destination which you get from the appication screen.

After adding the CNAME records you should see Ready next to Current Destination. This might not happen immediately as the change needs to propagate. But when it does you select Request SSL Certificate. Once it has been issued it will be listed at the bottom of the page and if you click on it , it opens giving you a text for yourPrivate Key as well as the Certificate.

You then need to upload these by going to SSL/TLS under Security in Cpanel and clicking on Configure. Copy paste your Private Key into the field providedand click on Upload Key. Ignore the CSR field and load the Certificate in the bottom field clicking Upload Certificate.

Finally you need to redirect traffic to the https domain whih is done through the .htacces file but I use Easy Https plugin which is nice and simple.

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