Word of mouth

Once we recognise that we can make ourselves useful  sharing our experience and know how. Simply offering to share information we know something about.

The next step is to start organising, networking and building communities.

Gateways to information, real information, useful information. The sort of information people are looking for.  Answers to the questions we all have. Virtual information offices, word of mouth networks, local knowledge and know how.

There is nothing complicated about this. There is nothing new about any of this.

The concept is as old as time itself. But the advent of the internet gave rise to the what is often referred to as the Sharing Economy. Although sharing is in word only. We have allowed the opportunities to really share to slip through our fingers.

We allow the traffic that is being generated by our activity and need to communicate to be used and abused by the unscrupulous few. We have allowed the value that is generated to enrich those to whom it does not belong.

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  1. This has been tried but has never really worked the way it should. Is there a viable and practical alternative?

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