Remote office

no more complicated than posting to Facebook. The key to everything is positioning the content you share in the Google search results. Understanding that anything you do takes time to grow. All you need is a bit of patience and the perseverance to grow what you start. Ranking for local searches is still relatively easy. I am concentrating on small, artisan, local, independent eateries. Sharing local knowledge. A service that can be replicated in every centre. Opportunities that are limitless. Schools, accommodation, activities, home services, pubs, coffee shops, walking trails and on and on. Sharing ones experience, skills and know how. Personal informal and most importantly useful to those that find it.

One of the biggest problems on the internet is perceptions. Most people start thinking shopping carts, global markets and ‘your world at my place’. Wrong. All value on the net is not the next Amazon, Tripadvisor or Facebook. It is the sum of an infinite number of smaller parts. This is how it was orginally conceived and the trick is to think big but to go small. To network and route targeted traffic. Converting searches and enquiries into sales. Small business solutions using the tools available to us, to compete.

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