Gone fishing

A home based business, no staff, no rent, minimal overheads. Sound too good to be true?

Anything but.

It’s possible. It’s practical.

A recurring monthly income one can build in whatever spare time is available. No special skills – Just another of those hard sell internet scams?

Anything but.

It’s ” The sharing economy”. Or more to the point what the sharing economy should look like.

The economic model which is defined as a peer-to-peer based activity acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services that is often facilitated by a community-based on-line platform.

Nothing new.

It has already been done. Those in the know are talking about it. Debating,  twisting and turning the concept this way and then that. But there are still lots of missing pieces.

“The implications of the sharing economy — part of what has also been termed the “gig economy” — have of course been hotly debated in the news media, and the research world has been steadily weighing in with deeper analysis. One central area of argument relates to whether the sharing economy is simply bringing more wage-earning opportunities to more people, or whether its net effect is the displacement of traditionally secure jobs and the creation of a land of part-time, low-paid work. It’s a debate that continues to develop and play out, forcing reporters to weigh competing claims that vary in tone from boosterism to warnings of the new economy’s dark side.”

A debate that is as open ended as it is pointless. Same old, same old. Just a different guise.  Sharing in name only. The missing bit is recognition of the need for an alternative. An different approach, an alternative attitude, a different result.

A need to go back to basics and to develop the internet as a virtual information resource. A communication tool that encourages more and more people to question, to explore and open doors to new opportunities.



Working for oneself is not quite the same as being self-employed.

I work for myself. I have a job working an eight hour shift.  I have rights, tea breaks, paid annual leave and a certain measure of job security.

I get a paycheck deposited into my account every month, as well as the time I need to build my hosting business as and when the mood takes me.  Giving me the independence to pick and choose what I do and the clients I interact with. I do not have to compromise. I do not have to get myself into situations I am not comfortable with. Which is what working for myself, means to me.

Self-employment on the other-hand is quite the opposite. Seldom offering one the freedom to make choices. You are committed, tied down, responsible and it doesn’t ever get any better until the day you sell.  Every new business grows to the point where one has to start making compromises. Uncomfortable decisions that follow one after another, subject to the demands of clients as well as staff, unreasonable demands that take a toll on ones private life and family time.

Nightmare stuff.  For what? Retirement? At what cost?

Been there, done that and it makes far more sense to keep plugging away at what I am doing. Growing an income and a business I can run from anywhere offering hosting services, quality targeted traffic and showing whoever is interested how to do the same.


Google still  professes to “do no evil” and despite the obvious encroachment of commercial advertising into the search results, it is still possible to get a small homemade web site to rank for competitive key words.

Which is all that one needs.

That is besides understanding that  we can. That there is an urgent need to do something to stem the rising tide of disinformation and the dumbing down effects of mass communication.

To recognise that we are being exploited, manipulated and abused simply because we are too naive the understand that there is an alternative to all the crazy talk and outrageous fibs.

Anyone can get onto the net.

Anyone can generate an income for themselves simply by making themselves useful. Simply by offering to share information they know something about.




Somethings gone wrong

Power tends to corrupt  and absolute power corrupts absolutely 

Nowhere else is this more self evident than on the internet. We have evolved to a point where most of the resources on the web is now under the control and in the hands of the few. Concentrations of enormous wealth and power where there is little or no oversight and accountability.  In the absence of checks and balance, corporate greed and abuse is unrestrained, unpredictable.

But we only have ourselves to blame.

At the same time, there is the opportunity to do what has never been done before.  The opportunity to compete. The tools are there. Freely available. There is nothing stopping us from challenging the dominance of these global multinational interests.

We just can’t see it.  Not yet anyway.

My space

Thailand is a confusing mix of contrasts and contradictions.

A happy place, where I started digging a lotus pond I will never finish


Updating content

I am having problems getting new posts indexed by Google. The spider is finding them on the home page but not indexing them.

Prompting me to start looking at and learning how to set up them up. The tutorial I found suggested installing All in One SEO  which I have been using since the day dot.  It turns out that the package not only sets them up but they are auto enabled by default.

So there goes another theory.

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General discussions with 18K members working with WordPress sites.

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You can also find some good blogs they share to help better your website.

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Claiming to be an advanced Facebook Group dedicated to all things WooCommerce, this is a great and very interactive place to pick the minds of people with varying levels of WooCommerce expertise. And, all you have to do is join the closed group and start discussing. There are over 25 K members to help you out.

Designed as a place for WordPress developers, online store owners, and WooCommerce enthusiasts to get together and share ideas and get help and support from each other.  This page also focuses on the advanced functionality of WooCommerce. In the end, this is the place to go when you have a tough question that goes beyond the basics.

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This group is actually larger than the Advanced Facebook Group with over 29,000 members. It is a closed group, so you will need to apply to get accepted, but this should not be a problem.  A great place to hang out and learn from other WooCommerce owners and get support for your WooCommerce questions.

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If you’re a beginner in WordPress and you want some help with your WooCommerce site you can join this group. With nearly 5000 members, this Facebook group has WordPress enthusiasts with different levels of expertise.

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A list of groups that can be helpful, .
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Official WooCommerce Support

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It would seem obvious that starting here is a good idea if you need help with your WooCommerce plugin. And, since WooCommerce is such a powerful (and popular!) plugin, you can expect the support forum to be active at all times, despite being a free plugin.

  • You must register with WordPress.org to access
  • Forum maintained by WooCommerce source developers and community users
  • The time it takes to receive a response can be frustrating

In the end, this is a great starting point to some additional help and direction with WooCommerce. However, for those with complex questions, or very little patience, keep reading and find help elsewhere.

  1. Official WooCommerce Website

For those using the free WooCommerce plugin, with no additional premium add-ons, support is limited on the official WooCommerce website. However, if you are good at troubleshooting yourself, there are plenty of extensive and easy to understand articles and documentation written on the WooCommerce site. You will find all of the official WooCommerce documentation on their docs subdomain docs.woocommerce.com. This documentation will provide support and advice for the core WooCommerce plugin as well as the official WooCommerce extensions – which are purchased on the WooCommerce site.

  •  View articles related to WooCommerce installation, settings, and courses
  • Access developer documentation
  • Get in contact for basic, technical, or sales questions

Keep in mind that in order to submit a help ticket, you must be an existing WooCommerce customer.

Other WooCommerce Support Forums and Sites To Find Help

  1. Reddit

Reddit has a thread dedicated to WooCommerce Help and Support – reddit.com/r/woocommerce/. It is fairly active and there is a good selection of skill levels available to get advice from. Though I would say in general it is aimed at the higher technical level rather than basic questions.

They try to keep it free from links and spam, so the advice you get should (hopefully) be unbiased honest advice. But of course this is the internet, so always get a range of opinions!

  • Active Community
  • Technical Advice From Other Developers


  1. WooCommerce Slack Community§

You have probably heard of Slack by now. The awesome communications tool for the workplace that almost everyone (including us) use to bring harmony to our team communication! The secondary function of Slack is that it’s also a great way to great communities around topics of interests. There are hundreds of Slack communities out there. Including one for WooCommerce Support.

To get connected you simply need to sign up here. You will then be emailed an invite. The community is active and has WooCommerce employees hanging around as well. I would say that again it is probably aimed at the developer rather than the average user. But you certainly should be pointed in the right direction if you ask a question here.


  1. quora.com

Quora has answers on every topic under the sun – including questions on WooCommerce help. Post a question here and you will surely get a number of responses.

However, be warned that a lot of people post answers simply to get links to their own products or traffic to their personal blogs. So we would suggest that you carefully check that the answers and advice you get is correct.

So probably best use it for more general questions around WooCommerce.


  1. Local Meetup Groups


Depending on what city you live in, you may have access to weekly meetup groups specifically geared towards WooCommerce. For instance, in Las Vegas I can attend a weekly meetup that focuses on everything Woo-related. Learn new things, ask questions, and enlist the help of WooCommerce enthusiasts, all for free, at a meetup group in your area.


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This is one of the best places to get WooCommerce resources for free. Business Bloomer features a lot of quality content on WooCommerce, which includes video tutorials, blogs and online courses.


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From beginner’s guides to advanced tutorials, WP Beginner contains almost everything related to WooCommerce that are equally handy for beginners and experts.


Dumbing down

People are strange? Most of us fear change?

Not questions I really want answers to. As with most, I don’t think I want to know. There lies the irony. The contradiction. Despite the facts, all we profess to know, to understand, we still view life through a shuttered lens. The comfort of a self-assured cocoon.

The net was conceived……but what has changed


Don’t try looking for your robots.txt file in the root folder where it is supposed to be, if you are using WordPress. Apparently it gets created virtually.


Added a robots.txt file to Webskills with wild card and outstanding post. Have requested indexing after editing. Two other posts Unknown despite indexing request?

Added a robots.txt file to Poormans Franchise specifying a wild card for outstanding post.

Added a robots.txt file to Poormans Franchise specifying Googlebot for outstanding post.


WordPress help


Not as easy as one would think

webmasterworld.com Registration form not working