Google indexing Images

I recently picked up a problem with Google indexing images rather than the attached post or page. I suspect this has something to do with the All in One SEO plugin I use.

To fix I first tried to no index the image. This by going to Media Liberay, selecting the image for editing. Once the window opened I scrolled dpwn to the AiOSEO settings below the Description field, then selection Advanced. The first option is Robot Settings where I deactivated Default Settings to allow me to no index the image.

However I suspect it makes more sense to go to the AiOSEO settings, to select the Search Appearance from the menu. Click on the Media tab and Redirect the Attachment URL’s to the Attachment Parent.

Link building resources

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3 Wall Classifieds
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6 Gigantic List
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Top 5 Dofollow Article Submission Sites
1 Hubpages
2 ArticleBiz
3 Article Directory USA
4 Easy Articles
5 TechDirt

Top 7 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites [Free]
1 Daily Statistic
2 Infographic King
3 NewsiLike
4 Infographic Directory
5 Infographics Zone
6 NerdGraph
7 OnlyInfographic

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Top 9 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites [100% Free]
1 Reddit
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Know the New Things in Video Marketing
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Do follow Links

How to find if a link is dofollow?
1 Chrome

One of the easiest method is as follows:

1 Right click on the link

2 Then, select ‘Inspect Element’ (A Window appears with a link highlighted)

3 After that, check if the rel=’nofollow’ attribute is in the code

4 If it is in the code, the link is nofollow otherwise dofollow.

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2 Firefox

Simply, add Nofollow extension in your browser.

After that, whenever you have to check if a link is dofollow or not. Then, go to that website and check if there is a red mark accross that linkIf there is red mark, then it is ‘nofollow’ otherwise it is ‘dofollow’.