Working for oneself is not quite the same as being self-employed.

I have a job working an eight hour shift.  I have rights, tea breaks, paid annual leave and a certain measure of job security. Which to me is the difference between working for myself and being self-employed.

I made that choice.

I get a paycheck deposited into my account every month, as well as the time I need to build my hosting business as and when the mood takes me.  Giving me the independence to pick and choose what I do and the clients I interact with. I do not have to compromise. I do not have to get myself into situations I am not comfortable with. Which is what working for myself, means to me.

It is that financial independence that makes all the difference.

Self-employment on the other-hand is quite the opposite. Seldom offering one the freedom to make choices. You are committed, tied down, responsible and it doesn’t ever get any better until the day you sell.  Every new business grows to the point where one has to start making compromises. Uncomfortable decisions that follow one after another, subject to the demands of clients as well as staff, unreasonable demands on ones family time.

Nightmare stuff.  For what? Retirement?

At what cost? Been there ,done that and it makes more sense to keep plugging away at what I am doing. Growing an income and a business I can run from anywhere offering hosting services, quality targeted traffic and showing whoever is interested how to do the same.