Creating a robots.txt file

Don’t try looking for your robots.txt file in the root folder where it is supposed to be, if you are using WordPress. Apparently it gets created virtually.

Added a robots.txt file to Webskills with wild card and outstanding post. Have requested indexing after editing. Two other posts Unknown despite indexing request?

Added a robots.txt file to Poormans Franchise specifying a wild card for outstanding post.

Added a robots.txt file to Poormans Franchise specifying Googlebot for outstanding post.


Problems getting content indexed

I am having problems getting new posts indexed by Google. The spider is finding them on the home page but not indexing them.

Prompting me to start looking at and learning how to set up them up. The tutorial I found suggested installing All in One SEO  which I have been using since the day dot.  It turns out that the package not only sets them up but they are auto enabled by default.

So there goes another theory.


General discussions with 18K members working with WordPress sites.

Ask questions and get in touch with  experts who can help you solve problems you are experiencing.

  1. WordPress Expert

This is a public Facebook group with over 35K members. They post detailed content regularly to help you solve problems and questions.

It is a public group and you have to answer a set of questions to become a member.

  1. WordPress Plugins

Have questions about WordPress plugins?

Join this group to get answers for all your questions regarding WordPress plugins.

There are over 26K members in this public group.

  1. eCommerce : BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce

This is a public group where you can seek help with WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. This group has over 4400 members from different parts of the world.

  1. WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin Beginner Help & Support Group Australia

This Facebook group provides help for beginners who are getting to know about WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. This public group, based out of Australia, has over 2400 members who are ready to answer your questions

  1. WordPress eCommerce

This is a public group exclusively dedicated to sharing their knowledge on eCommerce. You can get your questions answered by WordPress experts.

You can also find some good blogs they share to help better your website.

Private Facebook Groups For WooCommerce Help

  1. Advanced WooCommerce

Claiming to be an advanced Facebook Group dedicated to all things WooCommerce, this is a great and very interactive place to pick the minds of people with varying levels of WooCommerce expertise. And, all you have to do is join the closed group and start discussing. There are over 25 K members to help you out.

Designed as a place for WordPress developers, online store owners, and WooCommerce enthusiasts to get together and share ideas and get help and support from each other.  This page also focuses on the advanced functionality of WooCommerce. In the end, this is the place to go when you have a tough question that goes beyond the basics.

If you are looking for a less advanced Facebook group, check out the WooCommerce Help & Share group. Created as a place for people of all levels to talk about WooCommerce, you can get even basic questions answered here.

  1. WooCommerce Help & Share

Billed as a perfect place to talk WooCommerce and created as a place for people of all levels to talk about WooCommerce, you can get even basic questions answered here.

This group is actually larger than the Advanced Facebook Group with over 29,000 members. It is a closed group, so you will need to apply to get accepted, but this should not be a problem.  A great place to hang out and learn from other WooCommerce owners and get support for your WooCommerce questions.

  1. Intermediate WordPress

If you’re a beginner in WordPress and you want some help with your WooCommerce site you can join this group. With nearly 5000 members, this Facebook group has WordPress enthusiasts with different levels of expertise.

The group published at least 3-5 posts about WordPress. Also, you can ask questions and get them answered by experts.

  1. WordPress Help and Support

This is a closed group sponsored by WPFixit and they have reportedly solved over 232000 WordPress issues since 2009. The group has over 16K members who are ready to help you with WordPress.

So it could be go-to place if you have any doubts about WordPress plugins, themes, WooCommerce etc

  1. WordPress & WooCommerce Help and Support USA, UK & Australia

This is a dedicated group for WordPress and WooCommerce support and help for those who are based in the USA, UK and Australia.

The group has nearly 4600 members who could give you some help with WordPress or WooCommerce topics.


Other Related Facebook groups for WooCommerce Support

A list of groups that can be helpful, .
Here’s an extended list of Facebook groups that you could you WooCommerce but don’t easily fit into the above groups WordPress support.



Group Name  Why you should join? / Topic(s) Members 
Spocket – Shopify, Woocommerce USA & EU Dropshipping for entrepreneurs An exclusive group for entrepreneurs who are into dropshipping business. 33,000
WordPress for Non-Techies by WPCrafter A group for those who have limited technical knowledge about WordPress. This could be a good choice if you’re a beginner and want to get an overall idea about WordPress in general. 25000
WooCommerce build & grow WooCommerce support for store owners 2924
WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin Beginner Help & Support Group Australia The group provides crowd-sourced support, relating to WordPress & WooCommerce. 2439
WooCommerce Expert Forum A  group based out of India where you get top tips from WooCommerce experts 2200
WordPress WooCommerce WooCommerce plugins, themes, customization etc. 1800
WooCommerce Developers This group will be helpful if you want to ask questions related to WooCommerce development. 830
WordPress Experts Community (WooCommerce) WordPress and WooCommerce tips from experts 631

Official WooCommerce Support

  1. WooCommerce Support Forum

It would seem obvious that starting here is a good idea if you need help with your WooCommerce plugin. And, since WooCommerce is such a powerful (and popular!) plugin, you can expect the support forum to be active at all times, despite being a free plugin.

  • You must register with to access
  • Forum maintained by WooCommerce source developers and community users
  • The time it takes to receive a response can be frustrating

In the end, this is a great starting point to some additional help and direction with WooCommerce. However, for those with complex questions, or very little patience, keep reading and find help elsewhere.

  1. Official WooCommerce Website

For those using the free WooCommerce plugin, with no additional premium add-ons, support is limited on the official WooCommerce website. However, if you are good at troubleshooting yourself, there are plenty of extensive and easy to understand articles and documentation written on the WooCommerce site. You will find all of the official WooCommerce documentation on their docs subdomain This documentation will provide support and advice for the core WooCommerce plugin as well as the official WooCommerce extensions – which are purchased on the WooCommerce site.

  •  View articles related to WooCommerce installation, settings, and courses
  • Access developer documentation
  • Get in contact for basic, technical, or sales questions

Keep in mind that in order to submit a help ticket, you must be an existing WooCommerce customer.

Other WooCommerce Support Forums and Sites To Find Help

  1. Reddit

Reddit has a thread dedicated to WooCommerce Help and Support – It is fairly active and there is a good selection of skill levels available to get advice from. Though I would say in general it is aimed at the higher technical level rather than basic questions.

They try to keep it free from links and spam, so the advice you get should (hopefully) be unbiased honest advice. But of course this is the internet, so always get a range of opinions!

  • Active Community
  • Technical Advice From Other Developers


  1. WooCommerce Slack Community§

You have probably heard of Slack by now. The awesome communications tool for the workplace that almost everyone (including us) use to bring harmony to our team communication! The secondary function of Slack is that it’s also a great way to great communities around topics of interests. There are hundreds of Slack communities out there. Including one for WooCommerce Support.

To get connected you simply need to sign up here. You will then be emailed an invite. The community is active and has WooCommerce employees hanging around as well. I would say that again it is probably aimed at the developer rather than the average user. But you certainly should be pointed in the right direction if you ask a question here.



Quora has answers on every topic under the sun – including questions on WooCommerce help. Post a question here and you will surely get a number of responses.

However, be warned that a lot of people post answers simply to get links to their own products or traffic to their personal blogs. So we would suggest that you carefully check that the answers and advice you get is correct.

So probably best use it for more general questions around WooCommerce.


  1. Local Meetup Groups


Depending on what city you live in, you may have access to weekly meetup groups specifically geared towards WooCommerce. For instance, in Las Vegas I can attend a weekly meetup that focuses on everything Woo-related. Learn new things, ask questions, and enlist the help of WooCommerce enthusiasts, all for free, at a meetup group in your area.


  1. Business Bloomer

This is one of the best places to get WooCommerce resources for free. Business Bloomer features a lot of quality content on WooCommerce, which includes video tutorials, blogs and online courses.


  1. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a great platform to get WooCommerce and WordPress support and help. This site can be your go-to resource if you have any questions related to WooCommerce or WordPress.

From beginner’s guides to advanced tutorials, WP Beginner contains almost everything related to WooCommerce that are equally handy for beginners and experts.

The process of change

People are strange? Most of us fear change?

Not questions I really want answers to. As with most, I don’t think I want to know. There lies the irony. The contradiction. Despite the facts, all we profess to know, to understand, we still view life through a shuttered lens. The comfort of a self-assured cocoon.

The net was conceived……but what has changed

WordPress forums

Not as easy as one would think Registration form not working

Work from home

no more complicated than posting to Facebook. The key to everything is positioning the content you share in the Google search results. Understanding that anything you do takes time to grow. All you need is a bit of patience and the perseverance to grow what you start. Ranking for local searches is still relatively easy. I am concentrating on small, artisan, local, independent eateries. Sharing local knowledge. A service that can be replicated in every centre. Opportunities that are limitless. Schools, accommodation, activities, home services, pubs, coffee shops, walking trails and on and on. Sharing ones experience, skills and know how. Personal informal and most importantly useful to those that find it.

One of the biggest problems on the internet is perceptions. Most people start thinking shopping carts, global markets and ‘your world at my place’. Wrong. All value on the net is not the next Amazon, Tripadvisor or Facebook. It is the sum of an infinite number of smaller parts. This is how it was orginally conceived and the trick is to think big but to go small. To network and route targeted traffic. Converting searches and enquiries into sales. Small business solutions using the tools available to us, to compete.

Google indexing Images

I recently picked up a problem with Google indexing images rather than the attached post or page. I suspect this has something to do with the All in One SEO plugin I use.

To fix I first tried to no index the image. This by going to Media Liberay, selecting the image for editing. Once the window opened I scrolled dpwn to the AiOSEO settings below the Description field, then selection Advanced. The first option is Robot Settings where I deactivated Default Settings to allow me to no index the image.

However I suspect it makes more sense to go to the AiOSEO settings, to select the Search Appearance from the menu. Click on the Media tab and Redirect the Attachment URL’s to the Attachment Parent.

Link building resources

Top 7 Business Listing Sites
1 Free Ads Time
2 FinderMaster
3 Wall Classifieds
5 H1Ad
6 Gigantic List
7 Classifieds Factor
Top 5 Dofollow Article Submission Sites
1 Hubpages
2 ArticleBiz
3 Article Directory USA
4 Easy Articles
5 TechDirt

Top 7 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites [Free]
1 Daily Statistic
2 Infographic King
3 NewsiLike
4 Infographic Directory
5 Infographics Zone
6 NerdGraph
7 OnlyInfographic

Here are the Top 40 Video Production Companies in India
Top 9 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites [100% Free]
1 Reddit
2 Diigo
3 Bookmax
4 Folkd
5 Google Bookmarks
6 Whitelinks
7 Instapaper
8 Viesearch
9 Slashdot

Know the New Things in Video Marketing
High PR Dofollow Video Submission Site
1 My Space

Do follow Links

How to find if a link is dofollow?
1 Chrome

One of the easiest method is as follows:

1 Right click on the link

2 Then, select ‘Inspect Element’ (A Window appears with a link highlighted)

3 After that, check if the rel=’nofollow’ attribute is in the code

4 If it is in the code, the link is nofollow otherwise dofollow.

Check out – Top 25 Global Video Marketing Disruptors
2 Firefox

Simply, add Nofollow extension in your browser.

After that, whenever you have to check if a link is dofollow or not. Then, go to that website and check if there is a red mark accross that linkIf there is red mark, then it is ‘nofollow’ otherwise it is ‘dofollow’.

Infinity Free

Managed to muddle my through setting up a site on Infinity Free. Got there eventually with a bit of help from their Discussion Forum and comprehensive Knowledge Base.

I intially tried setting up WordPress by ftp’ing I generally use but it wouldn’t unzip. Suspect it was too large. So I set up using Softaculous. It was a first time. Worked no problem.

Next was installing an SSL Certificate which took a bit of time. First you need to get the certificate. Not something I really understand but these can be obtained for free after being issed by a site like Lets Encrypt.

However Infinity Free require clients using their free hosting to make use of the installation tool they provide. This is because Lets Encrypt use HTTP and DNS TXT validation systems which do not work with the free hosting service. There is a link to the tool in the tutorial in their Knowledge Base.

Once you apply for the certificate you are presented with a screen giving you the details needed to add CNAME records through your Cpanel. This is done under Advanced in the Cpanel Dashboard where you add two records by filling in the record name and destination which you get from the appication screen.

After adding the CNAME records you should see Ready next to Current Destination. This might not happen immediately as the change needs to propagate. But when it does you select Request SSL Certificate. Once it has been issued it will be listed at the bottom of the page and if you click on it , it opens giving you a text for yourPrivate Key as well as the Certificate.

You then need to upload these by going to SSL/TLS under Security in Cpanel and clicking on Configure. Copy paste your Private Key into the field providedand click on Upload Key. Ignore the CSR field and load the Certificate in the bottom field clicking Upload Certificate.

Finally you need to redirect traffic to the https domain whih is done through the .htacces file but I use Easy Https plugin which is nice and simple.