Mark Allan

Mike Hampton has a lot say. But he refused to meet me in court.

He knew I was leaving the country. He also knew that despite the additional costs, he could apply to rescind the default judgement for defamation I was awarded.

Which it was.

He is smart. But he is also dishonest and disturbed. A toxic and manipulative person. A self styled activist who has spent the last six years sparring with Knysna Tourism after they cancelled a Workshop he was running on their behalf.

I have been branded as his cyberstalker. I am suppodrf to have defamed and victimised him.

But this cannot be.

Unless what I said is untrue. And everything I have said, meticulously recorded by Hampton himself, is all true. Facts he simply twists into fiction, using the internet, to intimidate and discredit anyone who gets in his way.

He is the nasty person.

And if anyone is interested in more details, I can refer them to the past CEO of the Knysna Chamber of Business, who will corroborate almost everything I have said.