Information vs Disinformation

Power tends to corrupt  and absolute power corrupts absolutely 

Nowhere else is this more self evident than on the internet. We have evolved to a point where most things digital are now under the control and in the hands of the few. Concentrations of enormous wealth and power where there is little or no oversight and accountability.  In the absence of checks and balance, corporate greed and abuse is unrestrained, unpredictable.

But we only have ourselves to blame.

At the same time, the web offers each and everyone of us, the tools we need to compete with the biggest and the worst of them.  There is nothing stopping us from challenging the dominance of these global multinational interests,

Google still  professes to “do no evil”.

Despite the obvious encroachment of commercial advertising into the search results it is still possible to get a small simple web site to rank for competitive key words. Which is all we need, besides understanding the we can do something. That there is an urgent need to do something to stem the tide.

To recognise that we are being exploited, manipulated and abused simply because we are too naive the understand that there is an alternative to all the crazy talk and disinformation.

Anyone can get onto the net.

Anyone can generate an income for themselves simply by making themselves useful. Simply by offering to share information they know something about. By organising, networking and building communities. Gateways to information, real information, useful information people are looking for. Virtual information offices, word of mouth networks, local knowledge and know how.